Why Help Specialist?

Fixed Cost You Can Trust

At HelpSpecialist.com, we strive to be the right medical partner helping clients embark on a new path. With fixed, reasonable, & predictable pricing, collaborating with our team is far less expensive than your old habit.

  • Initial Visit, Assessment, & Eval – $295
  • Dose adjustment follow-up visits – $110 per visit
  • Follow-up visits (include counseling, & drug screens as needed) – $160
  • Random Drug Screens (as needed) – $55
  • Rx Refills that do not require a visit – $75

Concierge Service

Clients with substance use disorders are people suffering from an illness. They have the same human value as non-sufferers. Our philosophy is to treat every client with the respect & dignity they deserve. SUD is indiscriminate, affecting men and women, all ethnicities, all religions, & every social stratum. It is an equal opportunity destroyer. The HelpSpecialist.com Team strives to attend to every client with the high regard that all people deserve. We are on a crusade to battle SUD, both the disease and the social stigma. We are here for YOU!

Privacy & Discretion

We guard your privacy with the highest discretion. You deserve it! We do not bill insurance directly. However, we are committed to providing any documentation we can, upon request, to assist you to seek and achieve as much reimbursement as possible, should you wish to pursue it. In order to protect your health information & maintain HIPPA Compliance we never share your personal medical records with anyone without your permission or a court order.