Why Help Specialist?

The Help Specialist Team

Our board certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Jack Paschal, M.D., leads a team of attentive, experienced physicians, nurses, and friendly staff that are here for one purpose –– to serve you! Our Help Specialist team has seen the extraordinary benefits that clients can receive from the services we provide. And while we cannot guarantee outcomes, our mission is to do our best to help you get the results you seek in a comfortable and welcoming environment that is free of the stigma so often associated with mental health issues. Come be cared for by people who respect you and work tirelessly to provide the level of care and support you deserve.

We are the ketamine infusion therapy and medication assisted treatment specialists in Athens, Augusta, Atlanta, Lake Oconee, or Gainesville, Georgia. 

Fixed Cost You Can Trust

At Help Specialist, we strive to be the right medical partner, helping clients find individualized solutions. With fixed, reasonable, & predictable pricing, collaborating with our team is a great value.

  • Psychiatric Services - $175 per 30 minutes
  • Non-Psychiatrist Counseling or Therapy - $145 per hour
  • Ketamine visit, treatment plan and infusion for mood disorders - $550
  • Ketamine Bundle - 4 infusions for mood disorders - $2,000 ($200 Savings)
  • Ketamine Bundle - 8 infusions for mood disorders - $3,600 ($800 Savings)
  • Ketamine visit, treatment plan and infusion for pain - $800 (Max. 2 Hr. Infusion)
  • Ketamine infusion for pain - Each hour >2 hours - $300 Each Additional Hour
  • Ketamine Bundle - 4 infusions for pain - $3,000 ($200 Savings)
  • Ketamine Bundle - 8 infusions for pain - $5,600 ($800 Savings)
  • Opioid MAT - Initial Visit, Assessment, & Eval – $275
  • Opioid MAT - Dose adjustment (titration) visits – $110 per visit
  • Opioid MAT - Follow-up visits (include drug screen) – $160
  • Opioid MAT - Random Drug Screens – $55
  • Rx Refills that do not require a visit – $75

Concierge Service

Clients of Help Specialist are #1.

Our philosophy is to treat every client with the respect & dignity they deserve. Clients with mood disorders, substance use disorders (SUD), or other mental health issues that we treat have an indiscriminate disease, affecting men and women, all ethnicities, all religions, & every social stratum. These diseases are equal opportunity destroyers. The Help Specialist team strives to attend to every client with the high regard that all people deserve. We are on a crusade to help individuals who suffer with these issues, both the disease and the unfortunate social stigma. We are here for YOU!

Privacy & Discretion

We guard your privacy with the highest discretion. You deserve it! We do not accept or bill insurance. Our services are private pay only. In order to protect your personal health information & maintain HIPPA Compliance we never share your personal medical records with anyone without your permission or a court order.